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I'm Russell. I teach English, write poetry, but most importantly, I am a spice aficionado and I dedicate myself to categorizing, reviewing, and torturing myself with the spiciest foods and sauces this great world has to offer, all so you can know about the most brutal, benevolent, and best bangs for your buck. Email me at hotfreakrussell@gmail.com

Enjoy, and feel the burn.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where have all the Good Hurts gone?

Well, here it is: September 2011, over a year after my last post and about 100 zillion (or so it feels) Twitter followers later. And you might be wondering what I am: Where the hurts at?
The truth of the matter is that they hurt. This site wasn't a gimmick--it was a lifestyle. And after building up the kind of tolerance that would require plutonium to taste spicy food, tearing my insides apart, and giving myself endless heartburn, the time came to walk away. Will I be back? Someday, someway. I met a lot of cool people and still enjoy a quality hot sauce, but I'm inundated with other projects (mostly poetry related, like O Sweet Flowery Roses or my press Strange Cage).
I'm a man of fiery passions, and as those poor folks in Texas know better than anyone, fires can easily rage out of control. Eating those wings in Brooklyn was a real wake-up call. And as I get older I feel a weird, almost instinctual need to try to preserve myself.
Stay spicy, and thanks for keeping in touch. I'll try to come back and do some reviews sooner than later.
Russell Jaffe

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