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Good Hurts is dedicated to the best hurts on Earth: spicy foods.
I'm Russell. I teach English, write poetry, but most importantly, I am a spice aficionado and I dedicate myself to categorizing, reviewing, and torturing myself with the spiciest foods and sauces this great world has to offer, all so you can know about the most brutal, benevolent, and best bangs for your buck. Email me at hotfreakrussell@gmail.com

Enjoy, and feel the burn.

Monday, May 10, 2010

We're back from vacation!

Yes, Good Hurts took a month long sabbatical, but we'll be returning strong this summer with new sauces, reviews, videos, and the works!
Looks like we've also had an influx of Chinese porn spammers. Rest assured, Good Hurts is not associated with any of those things. If any bloggers have suggestions of how to get rid of them, let us know!
-Russell Jaffe, editor

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